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Courtesy of Mission College

Meet Jackie. She immigrated to this country, raised a family of four and then, through help from her employer, found Mission College in Santa Clara. Working with one of Mission's dedicated counselors, she was able to map out her education plan and earn a degree while also working a full-time job and raising her family.

She also found programs like EOPS, CalWORKs, and TRIO, which not only gave her a sense of community but also helped her financially with books, gas cards, supplies, and even some meals. Mission's programs were dedicated to her success.

Jackie was also able to visit the Welcome Center who walked her through the application process and helped her navigate campus. When she was not on-campus, the Welcome Center Ambassadors answered her questions via Live Chat on the website.

Jackie also found out about financial aid options and scholarships that further reduced her financial burden. Though classes are just $46 per unit, and students take 6-12 units a semester, Mission College became even more affordable with those options.

Since Jackie had a daughter, Sabrina, in high school, she took advantage of the dual enrollment program at Mission. As a California high school student, her daughter took classes for free. Sabrina also earned college AND high school credit in classes like math, English or history. She even took a class with her mom!  "I look at my mom and say, if she can do it, I can do it too," said Sabrina.

Throughout the college process, Mission's counselors helped Jackie and Sabrina, not only to stay on track but with college transfer applications. Both are planning on attending San Jose State.

Daniel was what we would call a non-traditional student, he went into the workforce out of high school and as he says, "I never received my degree and I need someplace to start."

Daniel saw students of all ages and said, "it was good to see that you were not alone and you were an outcast with a bunch of 19 or 20 year-olds." Daniel went onto transfer to San Jose State.

Alma had a similar goal, to get back on track and transfer to a four-year college.

"School was always something I wanted to come back and do. It was a legacy I was going to leave my children," said Alma. "Honestly it a was a lot of tears. It was staying up a lot of nights.... I almost wanted to give up, it was that hard."

Instead, Alma earned her degree and transferred to San Francisco State.

Finally, Evelyn found Mission College but had to take a bus to campus and still worry about childcare. With the VTA SmartPass, her transit was free and as a full-time student, Evelyn was able to get discounted childcare for her preschool-age son through our Child Development Center.

Now, what to study? Mission College has hands-on training in a variety of fields from Computer Programming, Child Development/Teaching, Nursing, Fire Fighting/EMT, Accounting/Business and Hospitality Management. They also have tradition programs and their counselors are there every step of the way to help you succeed. With over 100 degrees and certificates, there is something for everyone.

"The instructors actually care and want to see you succeed," said Daniel. "They are very approachable, and if you need help with something they are always available. They are going to help you out and make sure you are successful.


Jackie, Daniel, Alma, and Evelyn each found their place at Mission College.

Find your place too by going to

We are here to help! Watch their stories: Daniel, Jackie, Alma


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