Things We Like… (Nov. 2012)

Family Values

No matter your political persuasion, it’s easy to support the kind of Family Values espoused by family-friendly San Francisco musicians Charity and the JAMband. Their latest CD promotes peace, “lovingkindness,” gratitude and more (as well as lemonade and ice cream, which we can all get behind!) through songs ranging from folk to rock ’n’ roll. Catch the CD release party Dec. 2 at the Janet Pomeroy Center in San Francisco. (Raindrop Records, $14.99)



Connecting Kids Who Have Cancer

Seriously ill children can feel alone and disconnected, even convinced that no one understands what they’re going through. UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center and aim to change that with the Kids’ Cancer Corner, a new online social network for children with cancer and their family and friends. The site allows young cancer patients to connect online with friends they’ve made in the hospital, as well as  kids in similar circumstances  around the world - all in a safe and age-appropriate



Rainy Day Fun

Worried about being cooped up with your kids on a rainy day? Grab a copy of Isabella and Her Polka Dot Umbrella by Concord mom and first-time author Carla Forrest. In this beautifully illustrated story, inspired by Forrest’s daughter, Isabella and her dog, Elvis, embark on a rainy-day adventure in which her umbrella transforms into a circus tent, hot air balloon, ship’s sail and more. (New Year Publishing, $12.95)



Help With Reading

If your child has a severe learning disability, visual impairment or physical disability that makes it difficult to hold a book, you may qualify for free digital books and reading tools from Bookshare. A project of Benetech, a federally funded nonprofit in Palo Alto, Bookshare is the world’s largest online library of copyrighted content for people with print disabilities, with more than 160,000 audio and e-books.


Things We Like celebrates the best people, places and products that make parenting fun. Got a suggestion? Email 

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