5 Easy Ways to Connect With Nature

Even though it’s a little chilly outside these days, as long as you wrap up well, you can still step outside and have fun!


Collect stones. Even the youngest children love gathering rocks, shells and fossils, and so do lots of adults. You can polish those stones with a rock tumbler.


Create a water patrol. Make your children responsible for watering plants, yards, gardens, window boxes or whatever plants you have.


Get familiar with local water. At a stream or creek, look for evidence of animals. If there are beavers, you’ll see dams, as well as chewed logs and branches. Can you see fish, bugs, turtles or dragonflies?


Let your kids set the pace. If your 4-year-old resists the idea of a long walk, keep it short and make it fun. Play “I Spy” or another game. Take a healthy snack and stop in the grass to enjoy it together.


Become cloudspotters. No special equipment needed! All you and your family need is a view of the sky and a guidebook to help you figure what those clouds are.


Redwood City’s Judy Molland is the author of Get Out! 150 Easy Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future (Free Spirit, 2009) and Straight Talk About Schools Today (Free Spirit, 2007). 

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