Adopt a Tree

As a family, choose a favorite tree you can visit often and have your children take notes by recording the diameter of the tree’s trunk, the reach of its branches and anything else they’d like to jot down. They can also make bark rubbings using crayons and paper and, later in the year, smell the flowers and gather the seeds. Take a photo of your tree every week or every month, and put the pictures in a series to see how it changes over the course of a year – or longer. If something interesting happens like a windstorm, go to your tree and see how it was affected. Take more pictures!


– Judy Molland


Redwood City’s Judy Molland is the author of Get Out! 150 Easy Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future (Free Spirit, 2009) and Straight Talk About Schools Today (Free Spirit, 2007).

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