Fruits of Their Labors

How will you celebrate Earth Day on April 22? Students at Hayward’s Tennyson High School will be tending to their newly planted fruit tree orchard. Their abundant orchard was donated through the “Fruit Tree 101” program, a partnership between the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (an international nonprofit charity devoted to planting fruitful trees and shrubs to benefit communities, alleviate world hunger and combat global warming) and Stretch Island Fruit Company (makers of Original Fruit Leathers and FruitaBü™ organic fruit snacks for kids). The program gives students a hands-on education in botany, ecology and the importance of protecting the planet’s health. 


In addition to fruit being a delicious low-fat, low-sodium, no-cholesterol delicacy packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, their trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. In fact, one fruit tree can clean about 10 pounds of air pollution and 330 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. When “Fruit Tree 101” donates an orchard – which can include fig, cherry, apple, pear, citrus, cherimoya and sapodilla trees – students and teachers help plant, maintain and reap the delicious results from the trees for years to come.


In 2009, “Fruit Tree 101” will plant orchards at 15 public schools across the country and is currently taking nominations. To nominate your school, visit or call 877-884-7570.

 – Tiffany Carboni
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