Take Action Against Bullying

It’s sad but true that kids these days have to worry about more than just getting good grades and fitting in. They have to be aware of bullying.


Janell Dietz, school counselor and author of Motivation to Sensation (CreateSpace, 2011), says that a third of teens experience some form of bullying, including name-calling, manipulation, physical abuse, gossip and rumors, mocking and cyber bullying.   


Dietz offers these tips on how to deal with a bully. Parents, you can use this information to talk with your child: 


Bullies pick out victims they see as weaker than themselves. When confronted, ignore the bully, walk away and show no facial reaction. The bully is looking for the entertainment of seeing your face turn red, angry expressions and yelling in protest. Do not give the bully the satisfaction of knowing he or she got to you.


Report the bully to your school counselor, teacher or anyone in a position of authority.


If you are being cyber-bullied, show the emails to your parents or guardian. Do not respond to the emails. Block the person from having contact with you on all social media sites. The cyber bully is trying to provoke you and if you keep going back and forth with more anger each time, you will lose the battle.


Never show a bully that he or she stirred you up. But relieving that anger is important for your emotional health. Go to the gym, use a punching bag or talk to a friend – whatever works for you. 


– Sara Solovtich

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