Virtual Exercise Classes for Kids

Sites to Keep Them Moving While Stuck Indoors


Sheltering at home during the COVID-19 pandemic means fewer opportunities for kids burn off their boundless energy. Here are some great classes and videos to help kids exercise during school closures and stay-at-home orders. Is your favorite activity not on the list? Send your tips to



Kids Yoga

If your child has previously taken a kids yoga class in the Bay Area, be sure to check whether the school or instructor is offering online classes while businesses and community centers are shut down. Danika Rose Morrow, who teaches yoga to kids in Berkeley, is among the local professionals who are live streaming classes for kids and families on Zoom or social media. FInd Danika’s class schedule on Facebook Live. Like many small businesses, income for fitnesses professionals has come to a halt, and donations from people taking their virtual classes are much appreciated. 


Check out Fit4Mom SF Peninsula’s Facebook for parent-kid workout videos and upcoming online class schedule; they will be live streaming a Bedtime Yoga class for families on March 22. 


Families with young children rave about Cosmic Kids Yoga, which uses colorful backgrounds and popular children’s stories to help keep kids engaged. Find workouts lasting under 15 minutes and longer on its YouTube page. 


Movelee uses a cute animated monkey to lead toddlers through short workouts. 


Virtual Dance Classes 

Some Bay Area dance schools catering to children, like Broadway Babies & Kids, are up and running with online classes. 


East Bay instructor Yov Artista of A-R-T-I-S-T-A Performing Arts is live streaming classes in Spanish on Facebook Live.


Also check out Marin County pro Maggie Calegari of M3 Mindful Movement with Maggie’s live classes for kids and parents, advertised on her Facebook page and streamed through Zoom. 


Virtual Dance Party

For lots of silly dance and exercise fun, check out the videos on Go Noodle’s You Tube page. Explore the Go Noodle website for other activities and games.  


One of Go Noodles’ regular featured artists is Koo Koo Kanga Roo, whose clever and hilarious music videos are fun for all ages.


Older kids love to move to family-friendly versions of today’s pop hits with Kidz Bop Dance Along


Mark Kanemura, a former backup dancer for Lady Gaga, is hosting virtual dance parties on Instagram Live


Martial Arts

Several local martial arts programs for kids are going online as well. Omulu Capoeira-San Francisco, which teaches the Afro-Brazlian martial art that blends dance and acrobatic, is streaming classes for adults and kids for a small fee. 


Active games

Sick of screen time? When it comes to active play within the house, the possibilities are endless. Crawl on the floor like your favorite animals. Have a jumping jack contest. Use masking tape to draw a triangle, circle, square and rectangle on the floor and have your kids jump from shape to shape. Musical chairs, anyone? 


Malaika Fraley is a Bay Area Parent contributor.
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