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Better Parenting Tips & Life Hacks

Get Your Teen to Listen to You

As a parent, it can feel frustrating when you realize your teen isn’t listening, especially since experts agree it is important to have a strong relationship with your teenager. Here's how to turn that around.

Preparing Kids for Success

In her most recent book, Madeline Levine outlines how parents’ concerns about their children’s future in a rapidly changing economy and society – and the resulting emphasis on grades, colleges and protecting or rescuing children from failure – is actually hurting kids’ chances of future success.

Running Away From Home

A staggering one in seven kids between the ages of 10 and 18 will run away, Here's how to prevent it and what to do if your child does flee.

Are Pandemic Pods the School Solution?

Known as pandemic pods, micro schools, learning bubbles and other names, do-it-yourself small groups of learners have rapidly taken off as most Bay Area schools are returning to class online. But the pods have also come under fire. Here's why.

Favorite Books and Videos About Activism

A San Francisco mother, nurse and community activist recommends her favorite books and videos about activism.

Teaching Children About Activism

As the child of immigrants, the author saw the dreams and the struggles of her parents firsthand, and it fueled her passion for activism. Here's how she's passing the desire to effect change along to her child.

How to Support Your Child This School Year

Our Dear Teacher columnists offer advice on how to make the most of online learning.

Keeping Your Student Mentally Healthy

A new digital therapy platform, based in San Francisco, aims to connect children to psychiatrists, therapists and coaches, and offers free online parenting classes that help with many of the issues related to raising children during a pandemic.

Caring for a Newborn in a Pandemic

Caring for a newborn has never been easy. In the midst of a pandemic, that job may be even more challenging. In the era of COVID-19, how do we keep our newborn baby safe, while enjoying the beautiful journey ahead?

Mindfulness Through Nature

Are your kids stressed during these challenging times? Mindfulness and nature can help bring a sense of calm to your children when they need it most.

May I Take Your Order, Please?

If your family is avoiding restaurants this summer, why not bring the experience to your own home? Teaching kids food preparation, how to cook and how to run a business offers them numerous benefits.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep With Your Baby

Before many new parents bring their baby home, they are often warned by pediatric experts to never sleep in the same bed with their infant. But a San Francisco author and sleep expert has another opinion.
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