Saddle Up for an Equestrian Adventure with Odysseo by Cavalia

If you’ve driven down 87 in San Jose the last few weeks, you’ve certainly seen the big top peeking out at the Julian Street exit. That means that Odysseo by Cavalia is in town! This “Larger Than Life” show features amazing performing horses, acrobatics, live music and more. 

The massive tent arrived a number of weeks prior to the show’s opening night. The tent’s structure supports 80 tons of equipment including a full-sized merry-go-round that drops from the ceiling. The 17,500 square foot stage includes a hill three-stories high. The audience sits across from the hill and musicians play on both sides of the audience, literally surrounding you with music and song.

Early in the show, you will be mesmerized by a group of Arabian horses as they are directed by the hand movements and facial commands of their trainer inside the ring. African acrobats enliven the audience as they flip across the expansive stage and get you clapping in your seat. Aerialists twirl from white fabric while riders perform stunts on horses below. There’s often too much to see all at one time!

Majestic backdrops are projected onto an immense 8,400 square foot cyclorama using 18 different projectors. This literally transforms the set into different landscapes for the many different scenes.

The cast includes 48 human performers including riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians. The four-legged cast is made up of 65 horses of 11 different breeds.

Kids of all ages will be captivated by the show. The two acts are each an hour in length and they are broken up by a 30 minute intermission. Families should keep this in mind when selecting tickets as many of the shows start at 7pm or later as it makes for a late night. Younger audiences are better suited for the 2pm weekend shows. Also, parking is $20 and it takes quite a long time to exit the garage after the show.

Tickets range from $44.50-$129.50 for adults and $29.50-99.50 for kids up to age 12. If you have a horse-lover in your house, the VIP package offers behind-the-scenes access to the show and the best seats in the house. VIP patrons can access a hospitality tent 90 minutes before the show for a pre-show meal, drinks and popcorn, plus private restrooms. Performers pose for pictures and you can shop at a gift shop in the tent. At intermission, VIP access provides a dessert bar, drinks and more popcorn. VIPs can take a post-show tour of the stables to see the horses up close. 


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