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Winchester Mystery House

Map525 S. Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95128
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This historic, 5.5 million dollar, beautiful but bizarre, 160-room Victorian mansion was once the home of Sarah L. Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune. Under construction 24-hours a day for 38 years, the mansion has many mysteries inside. There are doors and windows that open onto walls; doors that open to a 10-foot drop into the gardens; stairs which go nowhere; and employees and guests have reported sightings.
It is believed that after the death of her husband and daughter, Mrs. Winchester was convinced by a medium that continuous building would appease the evil spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifle, and help her attain eternal life.

Now, 95 years later, we offer daily tours of Sarah Winchester's bizarre, but beautiful home, as well as seasonal offering such as the Hallowe'en Candlelight Tour.

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Additional Information:

County: Santa Clara
Good for: Elementary ages
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Quick Facts:

About Winchester Mystery House

With over 10,000 windows, we have more glass than the Empire State Building!

Sarah Winchester herself oversaw much of the design, as it was said to have been inspired by the spirits who died at the hands of her husband's rifles - giving way to its erratic layout.

Recently subject of a feature film, 'Winchester', with Dame Helen Mirren portraying Sarah Winchester!

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