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Add Some STEAM to Your School Year With A Visit to the Exploratorium


You may have heard of the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in developing critical-thinking skills. Some people include art as one of the important pillars in this educational acronym, turning STEM to STEAM. Regardless of where you stand, the Exploratorium is the perfect place for sparking critical thinking and creative problem-solving in kids, who will have so much fun they won’t realize they’re learning as they explore, indoors and outdoors, in our spacious bayside setting.



Science is what we do. From observing bubble-eyed goldfish to decaying rats, listening to the rap music with your teeth, and walking in a tornado, there’s something for everyone. The whole family can tinker, touch, play, and explore our more than 600 hands-on exhibits.

Take a Deeper Dive: This isn’t your typical physics class. Full-Spectrum Science explores the classics, such as color and light, or the physics of science fiction, radioactivity, and fireworks through fun, hands-on activities and demonstrations.



San Francisco is a hub for creative technology and innovation; the Exploratorium is too—and has been for decades. We were the first independent museum with its own website. Today, we offer countless opportunities for kids of all ages to experience technology in interesting ways. Use your cell phone to play a game with others in our Text Fish exhibit (part of the larger Science of Sharing exhibition). Experiment with an imaginary ecological community at Population Cycles—and much more! 



At the Exploratorium, engineering is part of who we are. Our workshop, where we make our own exhibits, is an exhibit itself. Watch our staff build, test, and tinker with their latest designs. Become an engineer yourself in our Tinkering Studio, where you can build a cardboard automata or create an electric circuit.

Take a Deeper Dive: Ever wonder what to do with extra popsicle sticks? CDs? Extra paper cups? Join us for Explorables, our hands-on monthly program that uses everyday materials to create models and other tools for exploring the world. As kids build fun creations, they engage in open-ended investigations and follow their hunches to aha! moments of scientific insight. Although ideal for kids ages 4–12, these take-home projects are a great way for everyone to experiment, explore, and play.



With robust music, art, and cinema programs—and art and science infused into our exhibits—art is everywhere at the Exploratorium. Explore Sun Painting. Dance in Colored Shadows. See how reflections are created both by the shape of the light and the shape of the reflector at Aurora. Art is so seamlessly integrated into science exhibits that you'll forget they're usually viewed as different disciplines. 

Take a Deeper Dive: Watch the ideas that animate the Exploratorium come alive on the big screen at Saturday Cinema and ignite a passion for the art of science and cinema. On most Saturdays, you can catch a collection of fun, quirky films and animations that cater to kids of all ages, whether they’re 3, 13, or 63. Get the whole family involved as active viewers and join the dialogue after the films to share your thoughts.



Too often students are expected to mechanically fill out worksheets of equations. At the Exploratorium, math comes alive through exhibits. Kids can use an electric drum set to play along with popular songs as they experience the patterns of rhythm and meter. They can test the impossible with the Hyperbolic Slot as they easily slide a straight pole through a curved slot. We bet you never knew math could be so much fun.



Visit the Exploratorium to add some STEAM to this school year. Be sure to visit our calendar for a complete listing of events and programs. Don’t forget about our local discounts for all Bay Area residents, and take advantage of our 20% discount on parking when you reserve and pay for your spot online.


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