Biking for fun

Daily exercise and activity are vital to children’s good health and well-being, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Biking is one of the best activities to keep your kids active outdoors while still maintaining a safe distance from others! Here are just some of the great benefits biking can provide your children during this unusual time in their lives.

1. Gets them outside and exploring

With most of their time spent at home, it’s important to get the kids outside and moving. Biking is a fun way for kids to get their daily exercise while also exploring the neighborhood!

2. Boosts confidence and independence

As kids improve their biking skills, they increase confidence in themselves. They feel awesome when they can move around more independently!

3. Fosters a life-long hobby that keeps them active

Learning how to ride a bike at a young age fosters a love for biking that kids can carry on to adulthood! If your kids are not yet riding independently, Pedalheads has you covered this summer with their learn-to-ride bike camps for kids 3 and up.


Why take Pedalheads Bike Camps?

One of the more unique summer camps you will find, this day camp specializes in helping kids as young as 3 get off training wheels and ride on their own!

Helping even the most tentative of kids, they focus on safety, fun, and skills. More than anything, they want to build confidence and a love of biking within their campers! For those with kids already riding independently, Pedalheads also offers advanced levels that teach kids how to ride safely on the road. Since 1995, Pedalheads has taught over 500,000 kids all over North America how to ride with confidence!


In the time of COVID-19, try a camp that is both outside and provides inherently more physical distancing since the kids are on bikes. Pedalheads also has various protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of all camp participants. 

Bay Area Bike Camps

Pedalheads will be running camps within the Bay Area from July to August. They offer half-day or all-day camps for kids 3-12, as well as shortened 1.5-hour camps for toddlers. Register today!

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