Each day at Sacred Heart, we live out our core values of Faith, Service, and Academic Excellence for the benefit and success of each individual child. We have successfully and safely re-opened our school to both 'In-person' and 'Remote' learners throughout all grades.

Colonial Day at Sacred Heart School

Our top-notch educators ensure that all students, regardless of their modality of learning, grow into lifelong learners who embody our values and are prepared for the next steps on their educational journeys.

Why choose Sacred Heart for your child? Here are a few reasons:

• The teaching faculty is experienced, communicative, and collegial. For them, parents are partners.

• By being a Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade school, we provide a consistent, foundational educational philosophy for the first nine to ten years of a child’s educational journey.

• We offer a fluid curriculum from grade to grade and a seamless transition for each child from teacher to teacher.

• Our older children experience authentic leadership opportunities to mentor those younger.

• Our youngest students are integrated in meaningful ways into the school.

• The formation of a strong sense of community amongst the students as well as amongst the parents is central to our school culture.

• The focus of all faculty members is the spiritual, social, emotional, and academic development of students, and not merely teaching a discipline.

• Safety and caring are uppermost in the minds of all the staff, every single day, and we emphasize high standards of behavior, inclusion, and respect.

• Catholic schools are the largest and most successful system of private schools in the country, where students consistently outperform their peers in all other private and public systems.

Sacred Heart Student

These traits, and the abiding commitment to our values, are the hallmarks of the educational tradition at Sacred Heart. We are proud of our heritage, our welcoming spirit, and the strong spiritual energy that makes us an exceptional choice for your family. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing how we can help you with your important educational decisions.

Faith. Service. Academic Excellence.