Best Online Educational Resources

As the coronavirus continues to spread and schools close or limit hours, Common Sense, a Bay Area-based, nationally-recognized  nonprofit offers families and educators ideas and resources to harness the power of technology for learning and life and offers curated, age-based media content to help parents support their kids' learning at home.

These top picks lists from Common Sense experts can help parents prepare for and make the most of online educational resources during school closures.

Resources and Advice for Online Learning 

Free Educational Apps, Games, and Websites

Apps That Act Like Math and Science Tutors for Homework Help

6 Research-Backed Sites and Apps That Can Boost Your Kid's Report Card

17 Apps to Help Kids Stay Focused

Top Time-Management Apps

Video Games You Can Say Yes to After School

What to Ask When Your Kid Brings Home a School-Issued Laptop

Apps That Help Kids Learn a New Language

Poetry Books for Kids of All Ages 

Books About Coding for Kids


Tips on Assessing Learning Resources for Home 

How can I tell if an app or a website is really good for learning?

What are the pros and cons of online learning?

What online learning resources are available to supplement my homeschooling?

Common Sense has also created a content package for educators to help them prepare for virtual teaching and learning with lists on everything from collaboration tools to classroom management and digital citizenship. If you'd like to speak with one of their parenting or education experts about the lists and other ideas for spending quality entertainment and tech time at home, contact Spanish-language content and experts are available upon request; contact Andrea Moreno at



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