Celebrate Cinco de Mayo around the Bay Area

Crafting expert Sophie Maletsky creates a simple, yet amazing post Easter project using recycled plastic eggs. This maraca is sure to shake up your world!

Materials you might need:

Duct Tape: http://www.tapeplanet.com/?Click=1206

Washi tape: http://amzn.to/1aw2wqU

Plastic Easter Eggs: http://amzn.to/1aw2C1V


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Writer’s Guidelines – Bay Area Parent

Smart is Not WHAT You Think. It’s HOW You Think

There was a time when the ability to faithfully recall information was a strong determinant of success. Now we have highly-sophisticated search engines and revolutionary chatbots that speak answers to your spoken questions. What you know and think is no longer the definitive measure of being smart. What matters now and in the future is how you make use of the vast knowledge that is readily available. The modern measure of being smart is in how you think.

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