Children’s Books That Promote STEAM

She Persisted in Science: Brilliant Women Who Made a Difference
Written by Chelsea Clinton, illustrated by Alexander Boiger
Following the success of She Persisted, She Persisted Around the World and She Persisted in Sports, this STEM-focused addition to the series introduces readers to women scientists who didn’t listen to stereotypes about women not being smart enough or capable enough to handle science. Illustrated by Bay Area resident Alexander Boiger, the women featured in the book include Florence Nightingale, Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Ynes Enriquetta Julietta Mexia, Grace Hopper, Rosalind Franklin, Gladys West, Jane Goodall, Flossie Wong-Staal, Temple Grandin, Zaha Hadid, Ellen Ochoa, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha and Mari Copeny, Autumn Peltier, Greta Thunberg and Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti. Ages 4-8. Philomel Books, 2022.
Project Startup #1 Eat Bugs
Written by Heather Alexander, Laura D’Asaro and Rose Wang, illustrated by Vanessa Flores
Sixth-graders-turned entrepreneurs Hallie and Jaye go on a mission to save the world one bug at a time. They get paired as partners for their business class pitch competition, and together they come up with creative ways to sell bugs as food. It’s inspired by the true story of authors Rose Wang and Laura D’Asaro of San Francisco who landed a deal on the show Shark Tank to sell chips made with cricket flour to help Americans feel more comfortable eating bugs. The sustainable protein start-up company Chirps now sells its chips in stores across the nation. Bonus material includes a cricket cookie recipe and interview with creators of the company. The book is a winner of the National Science Teaching Association’s Best (NSTA) STEM Books for 2022. Ages 8-12. Penguin Workshop, 2021.
Have You Ever Seen a Flower?
By Shawn Harris
This children’s picture book from San Francisco’s Chronicle Books tells the story of a child who goes to a meadow to explore all five senses. Written and illustrated by Shawn Harris, an artist and musician living in Half Moon Bay, the book is great for learning about perception and the natural world. It’s a 2022 Caldecott Honor Book. Ages 3-5. Chronicle Books, 2021.
Light Bulb: Eureka! The Biography of an Idea
Written by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, illustrated by Stephanie Dehennin
This story of Thomas Alva Edison’s invention is part of the Eureka! series, which covers groundbreaking discoveries. Written by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld of Berkeley, the story of the light bulb is perfect for young students, with simple and concise language and illustrations of different cultures represented. It’s a winner of NSTA STEM Books for 2022. Astra Publishing House, 2021.
Thank You, Dr. Salk!: The Scientist Who Beat Polio and Healed the World
Written by Dean Robbins, illustrated by Mike Dutton
As a child growing up during the time of polio, Jonas Salk dreamed of healing the world. When he became a doctor, he created a vaccine for polio and saved untold numbers of lives. The book was illustrated by Mike Dutton of Berkeley. It’s an NSTA STEM Book winner. Ages 4-8.  Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2021.


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