Halloween Crafts

Celebrate the beauty of autumn and get ready for Halloween with these fall crafts from Lakeshore Learning.
Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece (Ages 3 and up)
Get your table or mantel ready for the season with an easy-to-make, sparkling orange pumpkin.
What You’ll Need:
• Construction paper, 9 by 12 inches, in orange, brown and bright green
• Paper towel tube
• Tape
• Lakeshore Washable Glitter Tempera Paint in orange
• Paintbrush
• Scissors
Step 1: Cut the orange construction paper into 10 strips that are 1 inch wide and 12 inches long. Cut out a brown stem and a green leaf.
Step 2: Cut the paper towel tube into thirds. Then tape a piece of orange construction paper around one tube. This will be the center of your pumpkin.
Step 3: Paint one side of each paper strip with orange glitter paint. Allow the strips to dry completely.
Step 4: Tape one end of each orange strip to the inside edge of the tube. Position the strips so that the painted side will face out when the pumpkin is complete.
Step 5: Tape the other end of each strip to the opposite end of the tube. The strips should form a rounded pumpkin shape.
Step 6: Attach a green leaf and brown stem to the top of the pumpkin by taping them to the inside of the tube.
Autumn Owls Leaf Collage (Ages 6 and up)
Capture the beauty of autumn leaves with this colorful owl collage.
What You’ll Need:
• Owl template
• Fall leaves in brown, red or orange
• Large googly eyes 
• Glue 
• Scissors
• Blue or white construction paper, 12 by 18 inches
• Triangular-shaped orange leaf, or orange or yellow construction paper (about 2 inches)
• Crayons 
Step 1: Go for a walk and collect a variety of colorful leaves.
Step 2: Print out the owl template (bit.ly/1RKlsnp).
Step 3: Cut out the owl and glue it to the construction paper.
Step 4: Gently glue leaves in overlapping rows onto the owl body and in a circular pattern on the face. Then glue two large leaves onto the sides of the body to create wings. Note: Arrange the leaves so that the tips of the leaves are pointing downward on the body and pointing outward on the face.
Step 5: Glue a pair of googly eyes and an orange or yellow triangular-shaped nose onto the owl’s face.
Step 6: Use crayons to add a tree trunk and branches around the owl to complete the scene on the construction paper.
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Find more Halloween and autumn craft ideas at lakeshorelearning.com. Click on crafts and activities, under resources.


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