LEGOs Storage Hacks

Parents of LEGOs lovers know how it feels to step on the little hard plastic blocks with your bare feet!  That’s why it’s important to have a good system for storing them. If you search for “LEGO storage” on the internet, you’ll find dozens of options. Here are some of my favorites.
Drawer Systems – We found something at IKEA with a wooden frame and plastic boxes that helps us store LEGOs by color. My son helped make the color labels that we taped on the boxes; we also had two extra drawers to store LEGO characters and instruction booklets. The top of the wooden frame is a perfect spot for my son to display some of his favorite structures. If you go on the IKEA website (, it’s the “Trofast storage combination with boxes” and can be found under “Toy Storage.” There are plenty of other drawer systems with colorful choices that are sold at places like Target. LEGO also sells drawers shaped like bricks.
Boxes – If your child doesn’t have a ton of LEGOs, this is a good option. When my son only had DUPLO LEGOs, we used a cute plastic box with a picture of a LEGO character head on it that we purchased from Target. It had little wheels on it that made it easy to move from place to place. We passed this on to my daughter, since she has a smaller LEGO collection. LEGO also makes storage boxes shaped like bricks in different sizes.
Bags – This is a good choice if your child likes to travel with LEGOs. LEGOs’ four-piece Tote and Play Mat has blue, red and yellow bags that fit inside a larger bag, which opens up into a play mat. It’s easy to carry on vacation and it holds a lot of LEGOs.  The play mat makes it simple to clean up, so bricks don’t get lost in a hotel room. LEGOs’ Cinch Buckets, which come in red or blue, are also good for travel but hold a smaller amount of bricks.
 Teresa Mills-Faraudo is an associate editor at Bay Area Parent and mother of two.
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