News Sources for Kids

 News Resources for Kids
DOGO News. Kindergarten-eighth grades. Offers news for kids focusing on current events, science, social studies, sports, the environment and more.
HuffPost Teen. Ages 13 and up. News for teens with some adult topics.
iCivics. Ages 12 and up. Civics resources and games for students and teachers including election information, games and more.
News-O-Matic. Ages 7 and up. Interactive way for kids to learn about the world.
Newsela. Ages 8 and up. Daily news and nonfiction articles for kids with a variety of reading levels. Ages 8 and up. Interesting current news articles written with kids in mind.
Scholastic News. For grades 1-6. Current events and nonfiction articles for kids.
The Skimm. A daily subscription newsletter with easy to read articles.
Smithsonian Tween Tribune. For ages 10 and up. This news source for tweens gives the reading Lexile level of each article.
TIME for Kids. Ages 8 and up. News and information as well as homework help tools.
Xyza: News for Kids. Elementary-middle school. The digital subscription service delivers current events, science, sports, videos and more.
Youngzine. Ages 8 and up. Kids news site that offers current events, a place for kids to contribute writing, classroom help, videos and more.
 Fact-Checking Tools for Teens and Tweens Ages 13 and up. Ages 8 and up. Ages 13 and up.
Poynter. Ages 13 and up.
Sift – News Therapy. Ages 13 and up. Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.
Winno – Just the Facts. Ages 14 and up. Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.


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