Corpus Christi School

One Estates Dr., Piedmont, California 94611
About Corpus Christi School
Operating since: 1956. Kindergarten through 8th Grade
More About Corpus Christi School

As a ministry of Corpus Christi Parish, Corpus Christi School is a Catholic community which nurtures and challenges its multi-faceted K-8 student body to develop life skills for spiritual, academic, social, and physical growth.

School Philosophy

CORPUS CHRISTI SCHOOL is a Roman Catholic, educational community which supports parents, as the primary educators, in nurturing and developing the whole child.

As a faith community, Corpus Christi School is built on the values, beliefs and traditions of Catholic Education, guiding students’ spiritual, social, and moral development.

Emphasis is placed on challenging students academically, recognizing the need to develop the full potential and special talents of individual students while building life skills.

Corpus Christi School strives to fulfill it’s 21st century role by offering quality education, embracing diversity and promoting life-long service and citizenship.


  • Western States Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA)

Admission Deadline: January 1, 2021

Annual Tuition Range: $8525 – $9355

Courses & Services offered:  

  •     Athletic & Sports Program
  •     Co-Educational
  •     Community Service
  •     Computer Technology
  •     Extended Care
  •     Financial Aid
  •     Music Instruction/Band
  •     Parent Participation
  •     Performing Arts
  •     Special Education/Learning Difference
  •     Standardized Testing Administered
  •     Tutoring & Homework Assistance
  •     Uniforms Required
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