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Camp Ocean Pines

About Camp Ocean Pines

Operating since: 1946

Camps for ages 7-17

More About Camp Ocean Pines

Here at Camp Ocean Pines, we like the awkward kids. We also like the sky kids, the loud kids, and the kids who love to wear capes! We accept every kid for who they are and want to help them grow into the humans they want to be. We focus on connecting with new and old friends alike, exploring our natural world and always growing into better humans.

Located on the Central Coast of California, we are halfway between LA and the Bay Area. Camp Ocean Pines is nestled in a Monterrey Pine forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Our summers are pleasant with coastal fog, California sunshine, and a nice ocean breeze.

Our camp is small and we like it that way! With an 85 kid maximum, we have a 1 to 4 staff to camper ratio. The best part? Everyone knows each other and welcome everyone into our camp family! Campers will have a cabin of 9 other similar-aged kids with one counselor, who knows every little detail of each camper.

During the day, campers have complete ownership over their schedule and choose their activities. We offer over 50 programs from archery, jr. falconry, tie-dye and more! Campers also have the opportunity to leave site and join us on an adventure such as kayaking or chilling at the beach. We end our days together as a camp either around a campfire or getting slimed at our camp Double Dare. They will go to sleep that night, already dreaming of what the next day brings.

Our Teen Adventure Programs take what makes Camp Ocean Pines so special wherever we go. We travel up and down the West Coast and all the way to Hawaii! This year we will be tripping down to San Diego, driving through the Redwoods, snorkeling in Hawaii and white-water rafting in Oregon. We keep the group sizes small on these trips so while the Teens are exploring new areas, they are creating lifelong bonds. Our Teen Trip leaders are trained to keep our Teens safe while letting them explore these new environments. These trips are perfect for any kid with a passion for adventure!

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