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HeadsUp! Montessori Child Development Center- San Jose


2841 Junction Ave. Ste. 100
San Jose, CA 95134

Fax: 408-432-1156
Last Updated: February 22, 2021




About HeadsUp! Montessori Child Development Center- San Jose

Operating since: 1987

Accepts children aged 0-6 years

More About HeadsUp! Montessori Child Development Center- San Jose

HeadsUp!® Montessori Child Development Centers offer parents the security of knowing that their children are receiving the finest care and development guidance available. They combine an innovative approach to early learning with traditional values and the joy of discovery.

HeadsUp!® Montessori Child Development Centers recognizes the astonishing capabilities of very young children and offers games and activities that encourage the development of fundamental thinking skills. These skills are the source of physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. The HeadsUp!® program encourages children to become conscious of and take pride in their emerging competence. By becoming aware of the skills he or she has, a young child is better able to use them.

A HeadsUp! Montessori center is an educational environment that helps children grow optimally to fulfill their full potential. Its goal is to nurture “heads up” children: bright, alert, motivated, independent, self-confident, and social.

- Full-time program, closed ten holidays per year
- Modified Montessori program, AMS certified
- Spanish and Mandarin lessons
- English-speaking and Mandarin Immersion Preschool/Kindergarten programs
- Infant/toddler program, toilet training in 2 year olds classroom
- Two healthy snacks per day
- Sibling discount

Amenities & Features:

  • Before & after school care
  • Diapers accepted
  • First Aid & CPR Certified
  • Full-time program
  • Language immersion
  • Potty training assistance
  • Preschool curriculum
  • Sibling discount
  • Summer program

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HeadsUp! Child Development Center, San Jose